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Taco Bell vs Chipotle: The Next Great Burrito War

There's a burrito war brewing: Taco Bell's president — whose company was embroiled in a media savvy lawsuit claiming their meat was only 36% beef last year — thinks that his company can make food "every bit as good as Chipotle." But he'll win the war on value and "instead charge less than $5." Bloomberg continues: "While Chipotle's $7 or $8 burritos include ingredients such as naturally raised pork seasoned with thyme and juniper berries, Taco Bell's menu now features the 99-cent Beefy Crunch Burrito that's topped with Flamin' Hot Fritos." Now, Taco Bell's president is a fan of Chipotle. Not because it is delicious, but because "[i]t's got people to believe they can pay $8 for a bowl or a burrito."

Also fun: Miami chef Lorena Garcia is now working with Taco Bell. Garcia was a judge on the ill-fated TV show America's Next Great Restaurant alongside none other than Chipotle founder, Co-CEO, and chairman Steve Ells. That must be awkward at cocktail parties.

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