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René Redzepi on How to Create 'Better Deliciousness'

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What has Noma chef René Redzepi been working on at his Nordic Food Lab, the small workshop in which he and a select group of chefs work to "generate new knowledge for the benefit of people cooking"? He recently gave BBC HARDTalk host Stephen Sackur a tour, and one of the projects is a six-month fermentation of dried yellow peas that yields a solid and liquid, similar in many ways to the process of making soy sauce. Also: all sorts of vinegars. Says Redzepi of the project, "This space is not a science lab as such. It's controlled and run by chefs. We are here to create better deliciousness, and to create better deliciousness, we need to understand the science behind it."

For further information on developments at the Nordic Food Lab, see Redzepi's explanation in a recent Eater Interview and Guardian video segment.

Video: "Interview with Rene Redzepi - BBC"

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