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Introducing Chick Beer, a Pink Lady Beer For Ladies

chick-beer-ladies.jpgSigh, behold Chick Beer, a beer that is marketed to ladies using lady things like the color pink, a little black dress logo, and "low carbs." Because nothing says "lady" like a pink bottle of beer and a six-pack that's designed to look like a purse.

Anyway, the beer is a "premium light American lager" that has 97 calories and 3.5 carbs per bottle. It's also only lightly carbonated "for less of that bloaty feeling." Oh, good, so there's more room for cupcakes.

Beer (and everything else) sort of does have to be marketed to some demographic, and it seems that Chick Beer has chosen the chick lit/chick flick crowd. Isn't that group more into, say, flavored vodka?

It's not all "chick"-centered marketing, though: Chick Beer does donate five percent of profits to "charities that empower women." So there's that. And when challenged that it was not "real beer," Chick Beer replied, "We're brewed by burly union workers in Wisconsin!" Hopefully they mean burly ladies.

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[Photo: Chick Beer / Facebook]