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Deep-Fried Bubblegum Wins Big at the State Fair of Texas

Fried Bubblegum at the State Fair of Texas.
Fried Bubblegum at the State Fair of Texas.
Photo: Fort Worth Star Telegram

Deep-fried bubblegum, in all its blue-frosted glory, won the Most Creative category of the State Fair of Texas' Seventh Annual Big Tex Choice Awards. The treat isn't actually fried gum, it's a marshmallow dipped in bubblegum-flavored extract, covered in bubblegum-flavored dough, deep fried and garnished with blue icing and chiclets. Why not use real bubble gum? Creator Justin Martinez tried, but "It does not work to fry bubblegum...It doesn't taste good, and you can't chew it."

And just in case fried bubblegum-extract covered marshmallows aren't your thing, there was also a Most Delicious category. Buffalo chicken in a flapjack took honors there. Below, some local newscasters find out how the fried bubblegum is made. Then they declare everyone needs to "stop frying everything." (Warning: autoplay video ahead.)

Video: Deep Fried Bubblegum at the State

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