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Culinary Schools Keep Getting Sued by Unemployed Alums

Well, looks like people are still going to culinary school, despite the fact that three American for-profit schools are being sued for misleading students to think their future would turn out brighter than it actually did. What, you mean they didn't think they were paying thousands of dollars to go to school with the intention of earning slightly more than minimum wage after graduation?

The California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, the Western Culinary Institute in Portland and San Francisco's California Culinary Academy are all being sued by former students who, according to the AP, claim they were "duped by deceptive advertising." The San Francisco case was settled out of court; the students involved will get as much as $20,000 each.

A spokesman for the company that runs the school, Career Education, says the suit was settled because "they were too expensive to litigate and distracting to employees." Also, they have changed policies to "ensure that students understand that [they] are not promising any specific job outcomes or salaries."

According to one of the attorneys on that case, "It is a ridiculous business decision to attend one of these schools...The whole thing doesn't make economic sense. They know it and they don't tell you." Sure, but other people will.

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The California Culinary Academy. [Photo: CCA / Facebook]