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Drunk British Customer Breaks Chef's Leg Over Wait

The food at British pub the Victoria in Leeds better be incredible, because a man is going to jail for 15 months due to his incredibly strong (incredibly drunk) desire to eat it. Back in January, Hussein Yusuf broke chef Roger Mwebeiha's leg by "grinding his heel in a kick into the chef's right shin" as he was taking out the trash at the end of the night. Um, ow?

Turns out it had been a really busy night, and Yusuf had repeatedly gone into the kitchen to check on the status of his food. After Mwebeiha had enough of it, he told Yusuf he couldn't eat at the pub and gave him back his money. The inebriated Yusuf then waited for Mwebeiha in the beer garden, where his attorneys claim "he had meant to trip the chef not injure him in the way he did."

"The way he did," by the way, included multiple fractures and a broken kneecap. Mwebeiha also had to have surgery to insert a plate in his leg, which later became infected. Poor guy.

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The Victoria. [Photo: johnnyg1955]

The Victoria

8 Roundhay Rd Leeds LS7 3, UK