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Watch a Preview of Ken Burns' Prohibition Documentary

Documentarian/master of the slow pan Ken Burns, along with co-director Lynn Novick, is turning his attention to booze, or rather the unfortunate thirteen years when America banned its production, transportation and sale. The documentary Prohibition premieres this Sunday, October 2 on PBS (with parts two and three airing on the 3rd and 4th, but do check your local listings). While Prohibition was a dark time for those who wished to be law-abiding as well as inebriated, the film promises to be full of awfully exciting stuff: jazz, bootleggers, gangsters, moonshine, ladies who both drink and (gasp) get laid.

Below, some previews of the film. Also, Burns dropped by The Colbert Report last night so Stephen Colbert could ask him the important questions. For example: just how drunk were Americans that the government had to step in to stop them from drinking? And if they were that drunk, how exactly did we manage to conquer the West?

Video: Prohibition Preview

Video: Prohibition Sneak Peek

Video: Ken Burns Talks About Prohibition

Video: Lynn Novick on Prohibition

Video: Ken Burns on the Colbert Report

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