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Comment of the Day

"I'm Italian, i eat pizza. Period. Before judge try it for yourself. i like it. if you dont is all good. I have a Domino's 3 block from my house and we usually get a pizza there when too tired to make one. What's the big deal ?? And as far as Media-Whore my dear eaters Editor the businness opportunities i turn down cause i dont want to be associated with them are 10 fold more than the one i do :-) If i dont like what they do, or the way they do businness, i dont work with them. Colicchio-Pepsi.... Pierre white-Knorr..... Fieri-TGIF......Chiarello-Progresso...... Stone-Cereals......Appleman-Chipotled If you like a brand why not ??? These are all amazing chef that did team up with some big brands, so what ??" — Cheftestapant and current Domino's spokesperson Fabio Viviani really likes their pizza, okay? [-E-]