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Giddyup, Here's a Promo For Top Chef: Texas

Yeehaw, pardners: here's Bravo's Season 9 preview of Top Chef and boy are they laying on the Texas accent real thick. One might say like barbecue sauce. Anyway, the preview gives a quick glimpse at the upcoming season: they go to the rodeo, eat food in a big field, and also hang out with Pee-Wee Herman. While there are nods to San Antonio, Dallas and Austin, there are, as predicted, no allusions to Houston.

As a bonus, they've made a teaser with Padma Lakshmi dressed up like some sort of farm girl getting all saucy on a barbecued rib. Didn't anyone tell her the most Texan cut for barbecue is brisket? Also, Tom Colicchio in assless chaps.* You can't say you weren't warned.

Video: Messin' with Texas

Video: Season 9 Coming Soon!

· Season 9 Coming Soon! [Bravo]
· Messin' With Texas [Bravo]

*There aren't actually any shots of Colicchio in assless chaps in these videos, sorry.