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Watch Tom Colicchio (& His Soul Patch) on The Simpsons

Last night's season premiere of the Simpson contained Tom Colicchio's cameo, which occurred during a dream sequence in which Marge fantasizes she's on a show called Master Chef: Extreme Snack Edition. Apparently it's her "third favorite reality cooking show."

Colicchio loves her peanut butter crackers — especially given "the added touch" of a slice of apple — but Bart and Lisa aren't so sure. And like many people might have suspected, Colicchio is, in fact, some sort of robot/human hybrid automaton.

No sign yet of Anthony Bourdain or Mario Batali, who are also set to appear on the show this season (and, from the looks of it, show up in the same episode).

Video: Master Chef: Extreme Snack Edition

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