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Starbucks Employee Fired For Musical YouTube Rant

Here's Christopher Cristwell, a (now former) Starbucks employee in Chowchilla, California, who posted a YouTube video of him singing about the horrors of working at the coffee shop while dressed in naught else but a Starbucks apron and his underwear. The heroic Cristwell doesn't really reveal any major secrets (unless you're surprised that sometimes Starbucks customers are jerks and/or that occasionally employees will secretly pour you decaf if they're out of regular). Nonetheless, corporate was not pleased.

Cristwell was fired this week, but he says he's not bitter. He even posted a follow-up song to his original rant, which is largely a thanks to his fellow employees. But he does get a few last-minute jabs at jerk customers (including first-timers who order a McDonald's Frappé). Also: coffee orders based on racial stereotypes?

Video: The Starbucks Rant Song

Video: The Starbucks Rant Song 2

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