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Here Is a Coffee-Powered Car Named 'The Carpuccino'

Photo: BBC

Recently in England, a man named Martin Bacon used a coffee-powered car dubbed "the Carpuccino" to quite possibly break the world land speed record for vehicles that run on burning waste. No, none of that is made up. Coffee granules are made into pellets and burned into a gas that fuels the Carpuccino — sometimes to the whopping speed of 58.5 mph — and thus lending itself to cheesy jokes about the power of caffeine. Apparently this is a thing, with a record that still needs to be confirmed by Guinness World Records.

This wouldn't be Bacon's first world record in a coffee-powered car. In March 2010, he broke the distance record by driving 210 miles across England. For some reason, a BBC journalist notes that the car "whooped America's behind," but that it will now be touring schools, where that kind of language is frowned upon. But the big question is — how will a coffee-powered car stand up to the Four Loko-powered cars of the future?

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