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Wendy's Reinvents 'Everything But the Ketchup'

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Today marks the debut of the Dave's Hot 'N Juicy, which sounds like a fraternity guy euphemism, but is actually the exhaustively researched new burger from Wendy's. Named for the chain's late founder Dave Thomas, the burger is part of Wendy's effort to reinvent itself and fight flagging sales with modern architecture and assorted tweaks to those square buns.

Some features of the new Wendy's burger: thicker patties; buttered buns and no mustard. The chain even brought in a "pickle chemist." According to the Associated Press, researchers "changed everything but the ketchup." The chain even considered jettisoning its signature square patties, but when round ones didn't test well, they changed the patty to a "natural square," with softer edges, "because tasters said the straight edges looked processed." A similar overhaul is in the works for the chicken sandwiches; the code name for this endeavor: Project Gold Chicken.

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[Photo: Wendy's]