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Pat Bruno's Swan Song; Jonathan Gold on Peruvian Picca

Prasino, Chicago
Prasino, Chicago

Recently fired curmudgeon/critic Pat Bruno bids farewell to the Chicago Sun-Times after 27 years of reviews. For his swan song, he files two surprisingly positive reviews, wondering if Telegraph Wine Bar portends the re-emergence of wine bars, and deeming upscale sustainable restaurant Prasino "a player in the high-stakes restaurant game." Meanwhile, LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold says his visit to Picca offers proof that Peruvian cuisine "is moving from folk fusion to full-bore world cuisine." And finally, the Washington Post's Tom Sietsema finally makes his way to Jose Andres' history-ish pop-up America Eats Tavern to ask, "Did our forefathers consume foam and deconstructed food?" Here are the end-of-week reviews:

· Chicago Sun-Times/Pat Bruno: Prasino, 2.5 stars
· Chicago Sun-Times/Pat Bruno: Telegraph Wine Bar, 2.5 stars

Los Angeles:
· LA Weekly/Jonathan Gold: Picca

Washington, DC:
· Washington Post/Tom Sietsema: America Eats Tavern, 2.5 stars

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