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First There Was Cone-Ing. Now There Is Anti-Cone-Ing.

Attention practitioners of cone-ing: McDonald's management is on to your reverse ice cream cone-grabbing ways. This video from a New Jersey McDonald's drive-thru shows a young woman attempting to recreate the summer's hottest meme: ordering a soft-serve cone, then grabbing the proffered cone by the ice cream, rather than the cone. Sadly, she is sternly rebuked by the drive-thru guy, who proceeds to get in her face.

"I dunno what you think you're doing. But I could actually mush this in your face," he says. "I've seen this stunt before." Totally staged? Perhaps. Maybe it's time to get with the seasons and attempt this trickery with an order of fries? Here's the video.

Video: Anti-Coning McDonald's Manager

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