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Here Is a List of America's Best Cities for 'Foodies'

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New Orleans.
New Orleans.
Photo: Bienville House

Hey, sure, why not, here's a list of the best cities in the US for "foodies." First up: New Orleans, followed by San Francisco and.... Providence, Rhode Island? New York City comes in at #4. The list was decided by Travel + Leisure readers, so it cannot possibly be incorrect. Check it out in full, below:

America's Best Cities for Foodies

1. New Orleans
2. San Francisco
3. Providence, Rhode Island
4. New York
5. Chicago
6. Portland, Oregon
7. Seattle
8. Savannah, Georgia
9. Charleston, South Carolina
10. San Antonio, Texas
11. Honolulu
12. Los Angeles
13. Denver, Colorado
14. San Diego
15. Austin, Texas
16. Nashville, Tennessee
17. Kansas City, Missouri
18. Washington, DC
19. Minneapolis/St. Paul
20. San Juan, Puerto Rico

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