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Colbert on 'Drinking to Never Forget' With 9/11 Wine

Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert explored the tchotchke-filled world of September 11 memorabilia, or, as he called them, "griefportunities." So of course he addressed 9-11 memorial wine, for "when you're drinking to never forget." (The chardonnay goes great with 9-11 remembrance sushi.) Said Colbert about the $19.11 price point: "You don't want to honor the heroes with some cheap-ass nine dollar wine." Also last night, the Daily Show's Samantha Bee shared her opinion on the 9/11 wine: "This is real. You can drink this. If you're a fucking asshole."

Video: Shopping Griefportunities

Video: The Daily Show Remembers 9/13/2001

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