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Watch Anthony Bourdain on Real Time with Bill Maher

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TV host and self-admitted sell-out Anthony Bourdain was a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday night. Maher, right out of the gate: "I saw you eating an asshole the other day." Maher also asked Bourdain: "If you had to choose between a great meal and mediocre sex, what would you choose?" Bourdain's answer: "Depends who's cooking and who's fucking."

There's talk about politics and immigration ("I was an employer for twenty years as a chef... I cannot think of a single time an American-born kid ever walked into my restaurant... and asked for a job as a dishwasher, cleanup person, or even an entry-level prep cook."), and Bourdain explains why he doesn't pair food and sex. Watch:

Video: Bourdain on Maher Part 1

Video: Bourdain on Maher Part 2

Video: Bourdain on Maher Part 3

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