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Gordon Ramsay Accuses Father-in-Law of Stealing £1.42M

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British chef Gordon Ramsay is just suing the pants off his wife's entire family, including father-in-law Chris Hutcheson, Hutcheson's wife, their daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and Hutcheson's alleged longtime mistress. So what happened?

Hutcheson is accused of wrongly withdrawing £1.42?million (US$2.33 million), putting family members on the company payroll for doing pretty much nothing, and hacking Ramsay's computer. As Hutcheson himself wrote in an email, "Guess we have been rumbled." (That's Brit-speak for "the jig is up.")

The issue between Ramsay and Hutcheson became public last Fall when Ramsay fired Hutcheson and posted security guards outside their offices to keep his father-in-law out, but it goes back much further than that.

Hutcheson allegedly wrote company checks to himself for years, gave himself salary advances, and even charged a brand new £20,000 kitchen at his luxury villa in Lyon to the company. He is also accused of doubling his son's salary, keeping his longtime mistress on a £5,000-a-month retainer, and putting his wife on salary without her actually doing anything for the company.

And it doesn't stop there: the suit claims Hutcheson and his son Adam hacked both Ramsay's personal computer as well as company files. The duo are said to have set up keystroke recording software at the company headquarters to capture passwords and emails, as well as taking thousands of screenshots of Ramsay's personal assistant's computer.

There is, astonishingly, much, much more over at the Daily Mail. What a mess.

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Hutcheson and Ramsay. [Photo: NYP]

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