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Here's Tom Colicchio's Cameo in the Smurfs Movie

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Oh yes, chef and Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio has a cameo in The Smurfs movie. From Diet Coke commercials to cameos in Treme to this smurfiness: At a rooftop party full of celebrities (including Liz Smith, Michael Musto, Joan Rivers, Olivia Palermo, and Tim Gunn), Colicchio even got a couple of lines. "Wow!" and "How did she do that?"

Update: Village Voice columnist Michael Musto chimes in in the comments to say that he was the one who said, "How did she do that?" So Tom Colicchio only had a one-word line: "Wow!"

Also that wily Austrian chef Wolfgang Puck voiced Chef Smurf, who unfortunately was left out of most of the movie. He was relegated to some opening gag about inventing frozen pizza (see slideshow) and, during the final showdown with Gargamel, attacking him with a human-size cast iron pan.

Here's video of Colicchio's cameo:

Video: Tom Colicchio's Cameo in the Smurfs Movie

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