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The Chew's Producers Aren't Worried About All You Haters

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The producers and cast of The Chew, the new food-themed daytime talk show that's replacing All My Children and One Life to Live, would like soap fans to give the show a chance. Fat chance: the post on Eater announcing the show has 169 comments — overwhelmingly from rabid soap fans vowing to never go near the thing.

Executive producer Gordon Elliott is taking a realistic view of the situation, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "I hope that they give us a break. And if they just sit down for five minutes they’re going to really enjoy it. And if they don't like it I can't control that."

The soap fans are revolting though: There are even a couple Twitter accounts (@thechewandvomit, @screwthechew) and a Facebook group (Boycott The Chew & The Revolution) dedicated to hastening the show's demise.

Co-host Clinton Kelly, on the other hand, is trying to be optimistic: "We can't be soap operas but we can be a group of people you can hang out with." Also, ex-Top Cheftestapant and co-host Carla Hall hopes "that what we have for them is that takeaway that everybody does eat." Both are excellent points.

And according to THR, ABC has committed to making 220 episodes of The Chew this year.

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