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Larry David Will Not Tolerate the 'Chat and Cut'

There's no stopping Curb Your Enthusiasm food things this season. Last night's episode tackled the Chat and Cut, defined by Larry David as "Feigning familiarity with someone [you] vaguely know for the sole purpose of cutting in line." Larry knows a Chat and Cut when he sees it, and busts someone trying to beat the line at a dinner party.

Later at a Pinkberry, Larry David gets accused of trying to execute his own Chat and Cut. "Please, don't insult me, okay," said Larry David. "I invented the Chat and Cut. This is amateur hour. If I was going to do it, you wouldn't even notice." He gets shouted off the line. Video here:

Video: Curb Your Enthusiasm: Chat and Cut: Part 1

Video: Curb Your Enthusiasm: Chat and Cut: Part 2

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