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Futuristic Atlanta Restaurant Practically Run by iPads

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It's the future at Do, a "musically inspired pizza" restaurant in Atlanta that uses iPads instead of menus. Just think, as owner Christian Ruffin says in the video from CNN (also below), "no more wrinkled menus with ketchup on it, or pizza sauce on it." Nope, just iPads with pizza sauce on them.

Do's custom-made software doesn't just function as a menu, though: That's pretty boring. It also allows diners to use restaurant-provided iPads to order food and to summon the valet when they want their car. On the business side of things, it keeps track of hourly sales as well as inventory. The menu can even be updated on the fly, allowing the restaurant to remove dishes they've run out of or announce new specials. And on a somewhat superfluous note, the owner can also use his iPad to change the images projected on the walls of the restaurant.

Here's the video showcasing the iPad menus at Do:

Video: Restaurant Replaces Menus With iPads

And before you think about making off with one, the iPads will set off sensors at the door if customers try to leave with them. The restaurant has a "nice security guard also at the door to greet them when that does happen." Sounds pleasant.

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955 W. Marietta St. Atlanta, GA 30318

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