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A List of Contenders For the Title of 'The Next Cupcake'

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Bullshit trendcasters have often said that pie was supposed to be the new cupcake. Not happening. What's the next cupcake now? According to NRN, it's baked donuts, like those from the soon-to-open LA baked donut shop f?nuts, and/or "exotic mini tarts" ala LA's Früute. (Also the next cupcake: giving your bakery a crazy name including special characters.)

But before you get ahead of yourself, here's a list of things that were also contenders for "the next cupcake":

· Regular donuts.
· Macarons.
· Cake balls.
· Mini-cupcakes.
· Whoopie pies.
· Pie.

All of those were just suggestions, though. Cupcakes? Still everywhere, including in your vodka.

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[Photo: infobunny / Flickr]

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