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Watch Sushi Chefs Make a Giant Roll the Size of Your Head

An English-language site with the dubious name of Japan Probe tells of a sushi restaurant in the Aichi prefecture that makes giant sushi. Not giant in an Americanized "fried stuff, mayonnaise and five drizzles of sauce" sort of way, but actual comically enormous sushi.

The mega sushi roll boasts "20 different foods wrapped inside 2 meters [aka 6.5 feet] of seaweed and rice." It costs 15,000 yen (about $196) and requires two days' advance notice. More into nigiri? That same 15,000-yen price tag also buys you a set of oversized nigiri, along with a matching normal-sized set for comparison. Here's the video, complete with sound effects and astonished old ladies.

Video: Huge Sushi

huge sushi by islandlifer3

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