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San Sebastián Film Festival to Premiere Mugaritz BSO

Mugaritz BSO
Mugaritz BSO
Photo: San Sebastián Film Festival

The San Sebastián Film Festival in Spain, inspired by the Berlin Film Festival's culinary cinema section, is launching a culinary program called "Culinary Zinema: Cine y Gastronomía." Which translates to "Culinary Zinema: Cinema and Gastronomy" — the "Z" in the "Zinema" is a sort of "basquification" of the word "cinema." The festival will present seven features and one short, with themed dinners to go along with each screening. Films include El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and Noma - at Boiling Point.

The festival will also see the world premiere of the documentary Mugaritz BSO, described on Mugaritz's website as a "gastronomic-musical collaborative project" with "the goal of which is to create a world of sound using the culinary experience represented by some of the dishes at Mugaritz." The film is a collaboration between chef Andoni Aduriz of Mugaritz (the two-star Michelin restaurant rated #3 in the world) and the musician Felipe Ugarte. Here's a teaser-trailer for Mugaritz BSO and a teaser for Culinary Zinema:

Video: Mugaritz BSO Teaser-Trailer

Here's the description for Mugaritz BSO, translated: "The musician Felipe Ugarte and the chef Andoni Aduriz set off on a project with the goal of turning a gastronomic menu in a musical experience. The recipes of Mugaritz intend to recreate a loyal and transparent sonic world, translating by way of the palate." An album and a book are planned; the book will record the "preparation of the dishes and the travels to Ethiopia and Peru in search of the melodies to the studio recordings."

Video: Culinary Zinema Teaser

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