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Embarrassing Corn Trophy Ditched by Iowa Football Teams

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Photo: Andrea Melendez, The Des Moines Register

When the University of Iowa and Iowa State decided to replace the old, generic trophy that went to the winner of their annual rivalry game, surely they were expecting something a little less hokey than the above corn statue. However, with the Iowa Corn Growers Association sponsoring the game, that is in fact what they got. It was revealed at the Iowa State Fair, and people promptly went apeshit.

Iowa doesn't have a professional football team, so college rivalries in the region are a very, very big deal. So one can imagine that people were less than happy about the trophy. According to one University of Iowa student, "I think the best comment I heard was, 'That's going to the losers, right?'" The trophy has been likened to a "garage sale leftover or something from the Precious Moments catalog." Indeed, it is rather cornographic.

Fortunately, the players will be spared the humiliation of having to hoist the above trophy over their heads after the yearly Cy-Hawk game. (Called as such for the Iowa State Cyclones and the University of Iowa Hawkeyes.) A temporary trophy will be presented at this year's game and a new trophy — that has more to do with football and less to do with a pastoral farming family scene — will be designed as a permanent replacement.

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