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Two Stars For NYC's Roberta's; Upscale Cajun in SF

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Roberta's, Brooklyn.
Roberta's, Brooklyn.
Photo: Scott Lynch / Flickr

This week in reviews: New York Times critic Sam Sifton gave out-of-the-way Brooklyn restaurant Roberta's two stars and called it "one of the more extraordinary restaurants in the United States." Victoria Pesce Elliott goes to 5 Napkin Burger in Miami and writes that it's more like "1 Swipe Burger." Jonathan Kauffman wonders whether upscale Cajun really needs to be revisited at Boxing Room (it does, apparently).

New York:
New York Times/Sam Sifton: Roberta's, two stars
Time Out New York/Jay Cheshes: St. Anselm, four out of five stars
Insatiable Critic/Gael Greene: Fulton
New Yorker/Amelia Lester: Imperial No. 9
Village Voice/Robert Sietsema: Qi Bangkok Eatery
Village Voice/Lauren Shockey: The Beagle

Time Out Chicago/David Tamarkin: Tribute, three out of five stars
Time Out Chicago/Julia Kramer: Telegraph, four out of five stars

Miami: Pesce Elliott: 5 Napkin Burger, two stars

San Francisco:
SF Weekly/Jonathan Kauffman: Boxing Room

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