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Larry David Takes on the Tyranny of Unsecured Takeout

Last week on Curb Your Enthusiasm, hero Larry David revolutionized the way restaurants work, and this week he tackled the very serious issue of unsecured takeout containers. "You're in the takeout business," said Larry David upon discovering the quart container opened mid-transit, releasing soup everywhere. "You've got two things to do: get the order right; secure the food... Well you know what? I'm going back there. I'm gonna get to the bottom of this."

The next morning he goes to Sushi Mambo and tells the restaurant owner, "It was traumatic to see to that bag and see what was going on. Very distressing." He gets an apology and a bow. Later he complains about the "shit bow" he was given, and the owner gives Larry David some more dining advice: "Future reference: just to know, there's other good restaurants around, too, you should try sometime. There's good places around here."

Video: The Container

Video: Apology and the Bow

Video: The Shit Bow

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Sushi Mambo

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