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Michelin Guide Names 'Tyre Man' Michael Ellis New Director

Michael L. Ellis, former Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Michelin's Two Wheel Tire Division (that's motorcycles), has been named International Director of the Michelin Guides. As the Financial Times wrote in an epic piece on the guides last month, "to put a 'tyre man' in charge of the famous old guide books would be a pretty remarkable change" from the "flamboyant" Jean-Luc Naret, whom Ellis replaces.

Ellis has his work cut out for him, considering the guides lose $24 million a year. Ellis isn't completely devoid of food knowledge, though. According to a press release, he is "a food enthusiast" and "studied the culinary arts as a young man in the United States and Europe." He also worked for International Distillers and Vintners in the 80s. Here's the full press release:

Michael L. Ellis Appointed International Director, MICHELIN Guides

Born in New York City, Michael L. Ellis has always been a food enthusiast. He studied the culinary arts as a young man in the United States and Europe.

His entire management career has been internationally focused:
- In the Packaging sector, he worked as Director of the Beverage Division for the Southern Europe region at Ball Packaging Europe from 1997 to 2007, and as Director of the Food Division for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Mead Packaging Europe from 1988 to 1995.
- In the tourism industry, he headed Club Med's Cruise Division from 1995 to 1997.
- In wine and spirits, he worked as Sales Director for International Distillers and Vintners from 1983 to 1986.

Since 2007, Michael L. Ellis was Vice President, Marketing and Sales for Michelin’s Two Wheel Tire Division.

After graduating from Johns-Hopkins University, Washington DC with a Master of Advanced International Studies, Michael L. Ellis attended INSEAD business school where he earned an MBA in 1987. Speaking English and French, he is also fluent in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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