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Restaurant Bans Critic After Being Included in a Mean Listicle

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The front door of neMesis in Miami.
The front door of neMesis in Miami.
Photo: neMesis / Facebook

What's Miami New Times restaurant critic Lee Klein up to these days? Pissing chefs off, in listicle form. After running a link-baity post called "Six Worst Miami Restaurant Names" — most are admittedly very bad, like A Fish Called Avalon and Dolores, But You Can Call Me Lolita — neMesis Urban Bistro chef (and season three Top Cheftestapant) Micah Edelstein banned the critic from her restaurant for having been included on the list. She jumped into the comments to explain:

Lee, I happen to adore the name and and the word nemesis as it suits my bistro perfectly. My humble apologies that you find it difficult to spell...It's either get it, or you don't...the disclaimer is clearly posted on the door, and it is evident from your words that you would have to stop at the threshold. Please don't bother to come here as you are not welcome at my table with an attitude such as this.

They do, in fact, have a disclaimer on the front door of the restaurant.

The disclaimer reads: "Those lacking imagination and a sense of humor are not welcome at neMesis. Please return from whence you came, and do not darken our door again! mil gracias, the neMesis guard." Well, that seems pretty clear, if a bit unusual.

Klein doesn't seem to have seen the disclaimer, though, and responds to Edelstein: "To tell me that I don't "get it" -- I'm guessing you mean the cuisine -- and to tell me that I'm not welcome at your restaurant is...well, I'll let the readers decided what it is, but the word I'd use is thin-skinned." Nope, it's just restaurant policy.

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neMesis Urban Bistro

1035 N Miami Ave Miami, FL 33136

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