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Shit People Steal Across the Eater Universe

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Welcome to Shit People Steal, in which we ask restaurateurs what items in their restaurant have been (or are frequently) stolen. Here now, recent Shit People Steal posts from across the Eater Universe.

Holeman and Finch's copper Moscow Mule mugs. [Photo: The Blissful Glutton]

· DC: Ladies Love (Stealing) the Lint Rollers in Ripple's Bathroom [Eater DC]
· Atlanta: Thieves Steal Menus and More From Holeman & Finch [Eater Atlanta]
· Dallas: 6' Christmas Tree, Decorative Pillow From LaGrange [Eater Dallas]
· Dallas: Smoke Takes Preemptive Action Against Plate Thieves [Eater Dallas]
· Houston: Serial Pint Glass Thief Confesses to Crimes [Eater Houston]
· SF: Diners Run Off With a Table From Nojo in Hayes Valley [Eater SF]
· Portland: On Walking Out With Cathy Whims' Wishing Chickens [Eater PDX]
· Hawaii: Seven Goats Were Stolen From a Dairy Farm [Eater National]
· St. Louis: Diners Steal Photos From Gerard Craft [Eater National]
· Mobile, Alabama: Chef Wesley True Charges For Stolen Soap [Eater National]