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DC Restaurant Relents on Tough Reservation Contract

Washington, DC chef RJ Cooper wasn't expecting the response he got to the controversial reservation contract for his restaurant, Rogue 24. The document prohibited taking photos or tweeting in the dining room — although in an interview, Cooper tells Eater DC he wouldn't kick diners out for doing so because "it's not about being a cop or a Nazi."

It also had a very strict cancellation policy which would charge customers for a full meal if they canceled after 3:00 PM the day of their reservation, or showed up half an hour late for their meal. Cooper has now revised the "reservation agreement," which no longer includes the harsh cancellation fees. He still doesn't want you tweeting from the dining room, though. Eater DC has the new agreement.

· RJ Cooper on Rogue 24's Dining Contract and His New Policy [-EDC-]
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Rogue 24

922 N St NW (rear), Washington, DC, 20001