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Made in America: George Motz Gets a Travel Channel Show

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Holy hamburgers, it's burger expert George Motz with a new Travel Channel show coming out this fall. Called Made in America, the show will premiere on October 4th and will air Tuesdays at 8:00PM.

So what does Motz have in store? Not just food stuff: he'll explore 39 factories over the course of season, including the Jack Daniels factory in Tennessee and Krispy Kreme headquarters in North Carolina, but also places like the New Balance factory in Maine and the Louisville Slugger factory. Sigh, nary a hamburger in site. Check out this Travel Channel statement:

Ever wonder what a sports car and a jellybean have in common? They’re both made in America! Join “Made In America” host George Motz as he explores 39 factories that crank out some of the most ingenious products this country has to offer. During his coast to coast journey, Motz travels to Lynchburg, the home of Jack Daniels, where he finds out how to make whiskey Tennessee-style. He also heads to sunny Santa Cruz, California where the two-wheeled revolution began at Zero Motorcycles, makers of the first fully electric motorcycle.

Motz even braves the cold winter in Maine to build his very own custom shoe at New Balance. In upcoming episodes, he visits the Louisville Slugger factory in Kentucky, where a million bats a year are churned out; heads to Greensboro, North Carolina to create the most iconic American treat, the Krispy Kreme glazed donut; and he travels to Jackson Center, Ohio, where he constructs a little piece of Americana, a sleek aluminum Airstream trailer. “Made In America” is produced by Hoff Productions, Inc. for the Travel Channel. For Hoff, the executive producers are Michael Hoff and Ashley Adams, the supervising producer is Rena Ferrick and the series producer is Julie Nelson. The executive producer for Travel Channel is Liza Keckler.

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