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The Ten Craziest Things Fabio Viviani Said on Jimmy Fallon

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Cilantro hater/friend of turtles Fabio Viviani was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night, trying to avenge himself for getting kicked off Top Chef All-Stars when Fallon was a judge. Viviani was ousted for not know how to make a hamburger, so the two have a burger face off. Below, the craziest things Viviani said on the show, excluding the hundred or so times Fallon makes fun of how he says the word "burger."

1) To True Blood star Stephen Moyer: "You're a vampire, what you know about burgers."
2) On what to do with too many hamburgers: "Since I always buy two a night, and I feel guilty because I bought two of them and I have to go to bed I eat one I put one in the refrigerator."

3) "I love breakfast but I'm not too comfortable with it."
4) "I was grinding the beef in the green room with my own hands...It was tough."
5) Advice for Fallon, cooking a burger for Moyer: "Be a good sport, make sure his is medium rare — he likes blood, he's a vampire."
6) About Fallon's burger: "What is this? This looks like a stomach ache."
7) On the noise made when one of the judges takes a bit of his burger: "That's what a burger sounds like, too."
8) On a judge who's an audience member: "I know I got the lady already so that's all right."
9) "I need a shot of moonshine."
10) When Fallon tries to butter up a lady judge: "Did he mention that he's married?"

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