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Sports Bar Rounds Up Bill by Two Cents Because... Why Not?

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rounded-receipt.jpgBars are just charging whatever they feel like charging now, or at least Ogden Street South in Denver is. This receipt shows the sports bar rounding the $6.48 bill up by two cents to a nice even $6.50.

So many questions: Is it a scam? Are the owners of Ogden Street South philosophically opposed to pennies? Did you really want those pennies to begin with? Who goes to a dive bar and just orders mozzarella sticks? What kind of place adds random two cent charges to bills whenever they feel like it? For help with that last one, let's turn to Yelp.

According to Yelp reviews, Ogden Street South is a divey neighborhood sports bar full of "large groups of white boys with popped collars doing some 90's rap song" and "Ed fucking Hardy behind the bar." Also, a "total for six drinks was NINE FREAKING DOLLARS." Maybe they need to add the rounding charge because their drinks only cost $1.50?


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[Photo: @szaas]

Ogden Street South

103 S Ogden St Denver, CO 80209