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Boulud Sud in New York; London's Playboy Club

Boulud Sud, New York.
Boulud Sud, New York.
Photo: Boulud Sud / Flickr

Slow week for reviews, but here we go: Sam Sifton thinks Daniel Boulud's Boulud Sud in New York is terrific. Richard Vines goes to the Playboy Club in London (choice quote: "Just as people read Playboy for the interviews, I’d visit the club for the food."). Also, Jonathan Kauffman is into Eater hottest chef David Bazirgan's Fifth Floor, calling the burger there "one of the best" in San Francisco. Here's your week in reviews:

New York:
New York Times/Sam Sifton: Boulud Sud, 2 stars
Insatiable Critic/Gael Greene: Nick & Toni’s Cafe
New Yorker/Hannah Goldfield: The Castello Plan

Bloomberg/Richard Vine: The Playboy Club

San Francisco:
SF Gate/Michael Bauer: Boxing Room, 2 and a half stars
SF Weekly/Jonathan Kauffman: Fifth Floor

Boston Globe/Devra First: Cantina, 1 and a half stars

Time Out Chicago/David Tamarkin: Lockwood and Cafe des Architectes, 3 stars each (out of 5)

Didn't see your favorite big-city reviewer? Let us know!

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