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Spanish Burglars With Great Taste Rob Arzak, Akelarre, Saltxipi

The exterior of Restaurante Arzak, San Sebastián
The exterior of Restaurante Arzak, San Sebastián
Photo: scaredy_kat/flickr

Rosa Rivas and Ines Chavarri of El País report that in the last two weeks, burglars have broken into three of San Sebastián's most prestigious restaurants—Arzak, chef Pedro Subijana’s Akelarre, and chef Ana Mari Añorga's Saltxipi — and have stolen money from the safes of each establishment.

The authorities believe the cases to be linked, since there's an evident modus operandi that includes carrying out the robberies in the morning, breaking into the establishments from back entrances, and only stealing cash. When asked for comment, the chef Juan Mari Arzak put it into perspective: "It was more the scare of it than anything else... I doubt they were that experienced, since in these types of restaurants 70 to 80% of transactions are credit card payments."

Still, while more than 20,000 Euros were stolen from Akelarre, the article says that Arzak was the greatest plunder of all three. Probably time to get new safes. And stop storing so much cash on premises.

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