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Americans Are Eating More Burgers...Nicer Ones Too

Americans are eating more burgers than we used to, thanks in part to our continued obsessive love of specialty burger chains. A report from restaurant trend-tracker Technomic found that 48 percent of consumers go for a weekly burger, compared with 38 percent in 2009. Even fast food chains have begun adding more upscale burgers to the menu, alongside those dollar menu items.

Part of the appeal is that burgers are a relatively good value, according to Technomic. The press release for the report also credits an ongoing "burger craze" that's "almost defiantly separate from pricing." In other words, burgers inspire us to wait in line, shed tears and even organize entire dedicated theme weeks in honor of these humble foodstuffs.

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Shake Shack, NYC [Photo: mirvettium/Flickr]