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Top Chef Texas: The Next Season of Top Chef?


Last week word came that Top Chef was shooting in San Antonio, Texas — Gail Simmons told a local blogger that "You tweeted this location and have compromised our ..." — and now multiple sources are telling us that the next season of Top Chef is going to be Top Chef Texas. (Either that or Bravo is playing a counterintelligence offensive on Eater. Don't give Bravo that much credit, though.)

Here's all the unverified information that arrived over the weekend: Currently in San Antonio, the show is going to shoot in multiple cities throughout Texas. (Commenters were a little cranky that the next season might be shot exclusively in San Antonio, aka "a suburb of Austin.") Later this week the show supposedly moves to Dallas; in a couple of weeks the show will then be in Austin.

Additionally, a commenter who claims to work at Whole Foods San Antonio wrote that the Restaurant Wars episode has already been shot.

And in cheftestapant news: Rumor is that Edward Lee, chef/owner of 610 Magnolia (Louisville, KY), is on the next season. So far other rumored cheftestapants include Dakota Weiss (NineThirty at the W Hotel in Westwood, Los Angeles) and Paul Qui (Uchiko, Austin, TX).

Got any intel or photos of chefs running around Whole Foods? You know where to send them.

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