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Treme Watch: 'You Have Friends Who Want You Home'

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MAJOR SPOILERS: Sunday night on the season finale of Treme, Janette Desautel went back down to New Orleans to bail Jacques, her former sous chef, out of jail. And then unexpected sexy time happens, and a nugget of wisdom is shared: "Never, ever fuck your sous chef." Back in New York, a restaurant investor offers Janette her own restaurant in New Orleans with Donald Link, Susan Spicer, and John Besh as backers. "You have friends who want you home," the investor tells her.

Desautel goes to her newish boss David Chang and asks for a couple of days off. "Well, if you're doing this to help out your sous chef, you're doing what you need to do," says Chang. "On the other hand, if you're going back home because there's some dudes that are trying to poach you from my kitchen to help you set up your own shop, then yes, you're an asshole." He lets her go.

Video: Never, Ever Fuck Your Sous Chef

Video: At Lucky Peach

Video: Investor

Video: You're an Asshole

Video: Back in New Orleans

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