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Nathan Myhrvold on Bad Coffee and Cutting Up Ovens

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Modernist Cuisine mastermind Nathan Myhrvold is deep into his cross-country promotion tour, and recently spoke at TED about the epic volumes' signature cutaway photos. The shots aren't the work of Photoshop, he says. "It turns out the best way to cut something in half is to actually cut it in half." The wok shot caught fire three times during the process, he says, and the team even cut a $5,000 restaurant oven in half.

Myhrvold also visited his old stomping grounds to give a talk at Microsoft Research. He tells the hometown audience that Modernist Cuisine has a chapter on coffee "because dammit, we're from Seattle." Most Michelin three-star restaurants, says Myhrvold "have coffee that would not be fit for a street vendor in Seattle." Here are the videos.

Nathan Myhrvold: Cut Your Food in Half

Video: Nathan Myhrvold at Microsoft Research

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