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The Final Dinner at elBulli, Live on Twitter (It's Over)

Abert Adrià and Ferran Adrià.
Abert Adrià and Ferran Adrià.
Photo: @massimobottura

The final dinner at Ferran Adrià's soon-to-be-fabled restaurant elBulli — a 50-course meal featuring the greatest hits for friends and family prepared by alumni and guest chefs including José Andrés and Grant Achatz — is happening right now (Saturday, 3:45PM EST). It's called elBulliLastWaltz. There was a 90-lb bulldog made out meringue; a cake is coming later. A bunch of people are live-tweeting, and some of it is blow-by-blow, course by course. Some of it is video.

Update: It's over. These people tweeted about it:

· Lisa Abend: @LisaAbend
· Rene Redzepi: @ReneRedzepiNoma
· José Andrés: @chefjoseandres
· Grant Achatz: @Gachatz
· Tokara Restaurant: @Tokara_
· Massimo Bottura: @massimobottura
· Mugaritz: @Mugaritz

Also, here's the "poster menu" of elBulliLastWaltz and another photo of the meringue bulldog:

[Photo: elBulli]

[Photo: elBulli]

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