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Ferran Adrià Wants to Open a Foundation... in China

Buried in a two-week-old piece from the Spanish news agency EFE about the closing of elBulli is the news that Ferran Adrià wants to help develop other culinary creativity foundations in countries like Sweden, Peru, and China. (This is in addition to the elBulliFoundation campus plans in Cala Montjoi, Spain.)

And it's not really so much a pipe dream as an already "concrete" plan: Adrià will travel to China at the end of August with the goal of reaching an agreement with the government that "could be very important." The article offers no further information.

Here's the paragraph in question:

No obstante el chef tiene intención de ayudar a otros países a que creen su propia fundación de creatividad en cocina, y en concreto lo planea hacer en Suecia, Perú y China, a donde viajará a finales de agosto con Turespaña con la intención de llegar a un acuerdo con el gobierno chino "que podría ser muy importante".

Which translates to:

The chef intends to help other countries create their own culinary creativity foundations, and he has concrete plans to do it in Sweden, Peru and China. He will travel to the latter country at the end of August with Turespaña with the goal of reaching an agreement with the Chinese government that "could be very important."

Tomorrow, July 30th, will be the elBulli's last day as a restaurant.

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