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No, Chef Thomas Keller Didn't Donate to Colbert's SuperPAC

So Stephen Colbert recently launched the Colbert SuperPAC, a method for him to "receive unlimited funds so that [he] can tamper with the 2012 elections." The SuperPAC's tagline: "Making a Better Tomorrow... Tomorrow." As an added bonus of making America better, people who have donated to the SuperPAC get their name in the "Crawl of Heroes" that runs during the Colbert Report. And the other night, the name Thomas Keller appeared in the crawl.

Eater checked in with French Laundry chef Thomas Keller's PR, who told us: "Afraid it is a different Thomas Keller who donated." Question: Does chef Thomas Keller hate America? Now that he's received the French Legion of Honor, has he just turned his back on America? Does he not want to make a better tomorrow... tomorrow?

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