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McDonald's in France Launches the McBaguette

Photo: Le Figaro

The latest effort by McDonald's to adapt to the local culture: adding the iconic baguette to its menus in France. An article in French newspaper Le Figaro says that McCafe locations in the country will add freshly-baked baguettes with butter and jam to the menu. The jam will of course come in apricot, raspberry, and orange varieties and will be made "artisanally by a producer in the Pyrenees." Baguette sandwiches are due in the first half of 2012.

Introducing a large-scale fast food version of a signature French artisanal foodstuff supposedly makes economic sense. According to Reuters, which picked up the story, "French people eat nine sandwiches for every single burger they tuck into."

The Le Figaro article, by the way, begins with the rhyming phrase "Cocorico chez McDo." As some wiseass noted on Twitter, this translates to "Cock-a-doodle-do at McDonald's." Some things just sound better in French.

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