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Here's the Trailer For The Chew, ABC's New Food Talk Show

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The newly-released trailer for the upcoming food talk show The Chew features photo shoots, contrived interview clips, and lots of shots of the hosts laughing uproariously while flipping food in pans.

The hosts, chefs Mario Batali and Michael Symon, Top Chef alum Carla Hall, nutrition "expert" Daphne Oz, and "entertaining expert" Clinton Kelly, are all on their goofiest behavior. Everyone is on some serious fucking happy pills. And no, there is no villain.

Says Oz of the show, "It's about food, but it's about dishing. Really." She also gives this lofty description of the hijinx that will ensue: "Picture the best breakfast, lunch, or dinner party you've ever been to, at the coolest house of the coolest person, with the most fun. And that's every day."

Only Batali looks vaguely pained by the process, though his description of Carla Hall as a "zany crazy, dancing party girl" is rather apt. Speaking of Hall, she breaks down each person's "hair character," saying "I've got my puff," while Mario's ponytail is similar to hers, "but a little straighter and a little smaller."

All this cookware-wielding camaraderie is unlikely to erase the sting soap opera fans felt when ABC announced this show would take over the time slot of canceled soap opera All My Children (it might end up online, though).

It premieres Monday, September 26. Brace yourselves. Here's the video:

Video: The Chew

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