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Jon Stewart: Weather People Can't Resist Cooking on Sidewalks

It's basically a giant oven outside, and America's TV weather people are excited to discover what foods they can cook on sidewalks and on car dashboards: Eggs, cookies, t-bone steaks (yes, really), mac and cheese, and pizza. Jon Stewart applauded their ingenuity, even though he's slightly grossed out by the guy who ate pizza off the sidewalk.

Senior Meteorologist Wyatt Cenac explains why weather people resort to these gimmicky stunts: "It's about taking complicated scientific phenomena, and making it accessible... Everybody understands: 'Does it hotten food?'"

Video: Extreme Weather Hotportunity

Video: Extreme Weather Hotportunity - Egg Salad Sandwich

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· Extreme Weather Hotportunity - Egg Salad Sandwich [The Daily Show]
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