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McDonald's Adds Fruit to Happy Meals, First Lady Approves

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Like it or not, America's pudgy youth are getting their fruits and vegetables: McDonald's Happy Meals will soon come with fruit (apple slices) or vegetables (carrots). The Meals will still include a side of fries, albeit a smaller one than they have previously (2.4oz vs the new 1.1oz).

The fries remain because, as the president of McDonald's USA told the Chicago Tribune, "When we did it without fries, there was a huge disappointment factor." Probably riots. Definitely temper tantrums.

Parents can nix the fries altogether and get double vegetables, which is pretty mean. And, of course, Michelle Obama approves. The First Lady called the changes "positive steps toward the goal of solving the problem of childhood obesity." Or, as food writer Regina Schrambling tweeted, positive steps toward McDonald's becoming infested with "fruit flies from trashed apple slices (unless bugs hate preservatives)."

The new Happy Meal will be launched in September; here's a video of McDonald's president Jan Fields discussing the changes on Good Morning America:

Video: McDonald's President on Happy Meal Changes

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[Photo: McDonald's]

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