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elBulli: Inspiration For 'A Thousand Restaurant Disasters'

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Food columnist for the Daily Telegraph Xanthe Clay once ate at elBulli, she both liked and disliked some things, but she calls Ferran Adrià the "genius that inspired a thousand restaurant disasters." She blames Adrià for coming up with the techniques that are now routinely abused by less capable hands:

Those foams, spuming grimly at the side of the plate, the pointless cappucino'd soups, the aforementioned rubbery caviars and foul savoury ice creams, they all lead back to you, Ferran. More bad food has been cooked in your name than any other chef. For a man of your passion and meticulousness, that must be pretty depressing. Maybe that is why you are closing the restaurant and opening a school.

She sounds a little like Alton Brown.

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